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Rionagh na Ard is a Sidhe soul currently incarnated in a human body. In this human lifetime, she has been a registered nurse, wife, mother, Tarot reader, and writer, among many other things. A natural clairaudient and empath, she has studied Wicca, Celtic spirituality, meditation, and various other esoteric teachings over the years. Her hope is that in utilizing her abilities and the contact she maintains with her Sidhe family in the Otherworld, she can share some of the many blessings she has been given.

Kathy Hurley has been writing fantasy since a very young age. When she established RavenSidhe Publishing in 2013 for the purpose of producing esoteric Sidhe-related nonfiction, she decided to offer her previously unpublished fiction works as well. Among the first offerings will be an epic fantasy trilogy of novels and a number of short stories.

In 2010, Norilana Books included Kathy's only science fiction work to date — a short story entitled "The Truth One Sees" — in its Warrior Wisewoman 3 anthology.

In addition to owning and operating RavenSidhe Publishing, she is also the owner of Pookatales Press, a business which produces readable miniature books and other printed media for collectors. A group of her miniature books are included in the University of North Texas Libraries' miniature book collection, in their rare book room. Two of her mini titles, both fantasy short stories, have received professional reviews, one appearing in the Dec. 2001 edition of "The Bloomsbury Review," and the other in the March 2013 edition of the magazine "Shamrock," produced by the Netherlands Irish Wolfhound Club. Both of the aforementioned short stories will be available here at RavenSidhe Publishing for free download in electronic format.

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