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RavenSidhe Publishing, LLC is a small independent company. We do not accept submissions of either nonfiction or fiction at this time. If you send us any manuscripts, they will be destroyed unread.

We are also not able to read your manuscript for any other reason, including review; we have limited personnel and time will not permit. However, thank you for thinking of us.


RavenSidhe Publishing will not sell, share or otherwise distribute your E-mail address or any other information you provide to us.

As we are not a children's publisher and we do include adult content in our fiction and nonfiction offerings, we ask that you do not download any of the content from this website unless you are over 18 or have express parental consent.


RavenSidhe Publishing is not responsible for anything that may result from reading or downloading any of our materials, including those offered for sale through other distributors. All images and written materials that appear or are downloaded from this site are copyrighted by RavenSidhe Publishing and/or Pookatales Press and may not be used in any form whatsoever without our express written permission.

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