About Us

RavenSidhe Publishing came into being in 2013, with a primary focus on Sidhe-related nonfiction works as well as epic fantasy and other fae or Sidhe-themed fiction. (That’s pronounced “shee,” in case you were wondering!) Since that time, we’ve added an adult coloring book and have various other exciting projects in the works. Check back for new content!

We offer e-books as well as print-on-demand trade paperbacks. These are available through major online retailers as well as a few select independent booksellers. Links for book-buying in our shop will allow you to complete your purchase via Amazon without actually leaving our site! We invite you to come into our virtual hollow hill, curl up with a good book, and stay awhile.


RavenSidhe Publishing, LLC is a small independent company. We do not accept submissions of either nonfiction or fiction at this time. If you send us any manuscripts, we will recycle or delete them unread.

We are also not able to read your manuscript for any other reason, including review. We have limited personnel and time will not permit. However, thank you for thinking of us.


RavenSidhe Publishing will not sell, share or otherwise distribute your E-mail address or any other information you provide to us.

We are not a children’s publisher and we do include adult content in our fiction and nonfiction offerings. We ask that you do not download any of the content from this website unless you are over 18 or have parental consent.


RavenSidhe Publishing is not responsible for anything that may result from reading or downloading any of our materials. This includes materials published by us and offered for sale through other distributors. Other than photos we have licensed for our use, all images and written materials on this site are copyrighted by RavenSidhe Publishing. You may not use them in any form whatsoever without our specific written permission.

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